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Corporate culture
Adhere to the road of independent research and developmentEXHIBITION BRAND PLANNINGThe innovation of products and technology leads the industry to follow.
20 years of experience in the industryMARKETING FORCE EXHIBITIONA group of strong local strategic partners in different regions of the world
Authoritative qualification certificationAUTHORITATIVE CERTIFICATIONA number of national project awards have been won, and many national science and technology awards have been awarded, focusing on the animation industry.
A large production plantENTITY FACTORYOwn factory, set product research and development, production, sales as one. A number of qualified technical backbone.
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Company address: No. 122 East Ring Road East Road East Road, Panyu District, Guangzhou, China


Tel: 020-39922999 Fax: 020-39922678 address: No. 122, Xin Dong Road, Panyu District, Guangdong, Guangzhou

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