• The twenty-third Dubai theme entertainment Exhibition (Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show, abbreviated as DEAL exhibition)
    The twenty-third Dubai themed entertainment Exhibition (Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show, referred to as DEAL) sponsored by IEC, is the first big game in the Middle East (Art) entertainment exhibition, the DEAL exhibition exhibition area of 17000 square meters, about 300 exhibitors to attend the meeting.
  • The twenty-fourth Taiwan international electronic game machine industry exhibition in Taipei Xinyi trade hall A district a gorgeous curtain
    In May 11th, the twenty-fourth session of the Taiwan International Electronic Game Industry Exhibition (GTI in Taipei) at Taipei's WTO hall A District gorgeous curtain. Taiwan commercial electronic games industry association chairman Cai Qiming, honorary chairman of Taiwan digital entertainment association director Wei Mingshan, Li Kezhu, vending machine business union chairman Peng Qinghe and other concerned Taiwan game industry development of government leaders and Industry Association official, industry veteran for the present, a new pattern of development of focusing industry. The release of Taiwan game star world charm! " Hand in hand to the world, deduce the new ecology of entertainment The glorious history of >>>>24, making "Taiwan made" shine in Asia By Ho Co. Ltd., Taiwan commercial electronic games industry association (TAMA), Taiwan Digital Entertainment Association (TDEA) sponsored by the GTI exhibition in Taipei, the Asia Pacific region has become the most historic, representative and well-known international exhibition event, is the game in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region (Art) the barometer of industrial development with this platform, to create a successful international brand, world-renowned! Global buyers can further communicate and cooperate with those strong and enthusiastic Taiwan manufacturers through GTI Taipei exhibition to find the products and trusted partners needed. At the same time, buyers can interact with many manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region. Especially many Southeast Asian customers will visit the GTI Taipei exhibition, so that we can gather more market intelligence and grasp the trend of industrial development. As the only commercial game industry exhibition in Taiwan at present, the GTI Taipei exhibition is in its twenty-fourth year. In 24 years, it has witnessed the Taiwan commercial game industry growth, brilliant and turning, became the oldest professional game exhibition in Chinese regions, opened in Europe, America and Africa, Asia and other international markets, made in Taiwan is famous in the world, let the world share the joy of the game and good. " Global grand meeting, the highlight of the bright spot The 3 days of exhibition, show the charm of the game world in Taiwan; 11 across 5 continents, 4 oceans GTI global levy exhibition station, 40+ invited countries and regions of the 1000+ global buyers to event; to group scene Hao Li big run ~ worth more than NT $one million, to promote the mobile game market; pilot the tip of the VR HTC digital display device, a new dimension of entertainment open virtual reality; IGS launched "GO" mech hero - turned, "Yu e beat - return to the Jurassic," "monster" and other new commercial adventure games, the interpretation of indoor entertainment experience; pregnant Dragon Technology opened "kuaiqiang heroes" World Championship design, "all the flying target site" contest, hey turn the audience......
  • Go straight to the 2017AALARA Australian exhibition and see the new form of the southern hemisphere's amusement.
    On May 15-18, Australia's amusement leisure and Entertainment Association (AALARA) held the AALARA amusement entertainment and entertainment Exhibition (AALARA Trade Expo & Conference 2017, hereinafter referred to as "2017AALARA Exhibition"), held in Australia's Gold Coast Exhibition Center. The exhibition brings together China exhibitors and the United States, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and other countries more than 130 international amusement equipment manufacturers and distributors, suppliers and consultants, one-stop procurement buyers around the world can be here to experience the latest amusement ride equipment, products, technology and related services; access control products exhibition equipment, amusement rides arcade, and coin operated machines, 7D cinema, mould, water recreation equipment, clothing (swimsuit, uniforms), computer system / software, consulting services, exhibition, catering services, audio-visual products and service facilities, gift products, indoor recreation and interactive recreation etc..


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