• Luzhou investigation group of Sichuan province went to Panyu to study and study the animation and game industry
    Led by the director of culture and Sports Bureau Jiangyang District of Luzhou city of Sichuan Province, Chen Hong's "Luzhou animation and game industry delegation" (hereinafter referred to as the "mission") a line of 7 people, learning the Guangzhou in June 26th to visit Panyu. Together with the visiting director and Secretary of politics and Law Committee Zhang Shanmin, Jiangyang District of Luzhou City Public Security Bureau police brigade instructor Mei Ying, Wei Tao, cultural inspection team leader Huang Yong, President of the Cultural Association of Jiangyang District Yang Niansong and animation game industry on behalf of the Luzhou Huaye electronic technology limited company chairman Qiao Guangzhu. Ou Cailing, Wu Yanfen, and chief technology manager Hu Qihong of the leading group office of Guangzhou Panyu District characteristic industry promotion office, accompanied by a tour of inspection.
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